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with the impact it's already having right here at home. >> that means government and schools. the federal government is closed today and most local governments are also closed. >> emergency personnel are still asked to report in, however. every major public transportation agency is closed today. metro transit, vre, almost every flight to our region has already been canceled. call your airline is the advice. marc is shut down. amtrak canceled most of its trains as well. >> and today is a day off for most school systems in our area. this is the place to get the latest information. >>> good morning. thank you again for joining us. we're glad you're with us. here's monika. let's talk a little bit about traffic. there can't be much out there. >> there isn't but we will talk about street flooding, airlines, trains, everything you need to know. river road is shut down. beach drive is shut down. >> areas where we know the water normally builds up on the roadway. >>> howard wishes he could be the man of the hour for great sunshine but you are the man of the hour. where is sandy now? >> 285 miles e
and it was a concern this time arnold. just -- around. just going with the county government, what is the condition there? you had flooding right in front of the county building. >> yes. that's been a major focus for the county government, to protect our county administration building, which did flood last year after tropical storm lee. as your reporter jessica just said, we're not out of the woods in terms of the flooding an we're keeping an eye on the flooding. i can tell you what our crew at the office of services did work to put up barriers and protect it from flooding, similar to what occurred last year. they did a great job. right now we're looking okay. >> despite the flooding you've had, given what it could have been, what we all were forecasting, do you think this is sort of the best case scenario? >> you know, we're not out of the woods yet. i think that's a great message to let everyone know. when you're looking at what we could have been facing and what we had, the biggest issue really that we are handling out of the emergency operation center was an issue from a power failure, then a p
in terms of sustained wind speeds. we also heard from the federal government about their inclination to close federal offices which they ultimately today and we heard from power companies expressing concern about their ability to maintain power. those three things led us to this decision to suspend all metrorail and metro bus service as well as metro access service all day on monday and what customers can expect is we'll make an announcement late this evening, probably around -- well, this evening probably around 6:00 off 7:00 about what to expect for tomorrow. >> i guess everybody will understand that the conditions are just going to worsen as howard has been telling us, and it's probably going to be the case that everything will be shut down tomorrow as well. >> well, yeah. we're going to make those decisions based on our damage assessment and based on what we hear from the region and what the federal government does. but if these forecasts are consistent and we're hearing the same thing as howard is reporting, it's likely that we may have service affects and impacts that continue
government. most local governments also closed. emergency personnel, though, are still asked to report. every major public transportation agency is closed today, including metro transit and vre. pretty much every flight into and out of our region has been canceled. you're advised to call your airline first if you have any questions about getting in or out of town. marc is shut down today. amtrak canceled most of its northeast corridor trains. again it's pret much a quiet day. today is also the third day of an extended weekend for most school systems in our region, and we have all of this information on our website. it's we keep it updated 24/7. >>> very little traffic out there, but that doesn't mean we don't have problems and road closures. so let's go to monika samtani who's going to tell us about that. >>> if you're planning to head around town, let me take you to a graphic. here at the bay bridge, level one wind restrictions. that means winds are 40 to 49 miles an hour. no empty box trailers are house trailers allowed across the bay bridge. they'll reassess that throughout the
the devastation. president obama promised the government would do whatever it can to help storm victims. >> we'll follow up to make sure you get all the help you need until you rebuild. >> reporter: not far away the search for traps or missing people on staten island can't. nypd rescued six people from roof troops on wednesday. there are signs of life is returning to normal in new york city. all three airports are open as of today as is the new york stock exchange and broadway shows. problems still persist. traffic in the city is nothing short of a nightmare without public transportation wednesday manhattan streets were clogged with people trying to get back to work. there's some good news. subway and train service is starting up again today at least on a limited basis. >> i am declaring a transportation emergency. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg is mandating that all cars driving into manhattan has to have at least three people. >> i know it is inconvenient for a lot of people but the streets can only handle so much. >> reporter: half of all gas stations in the area are closed. >> hundreds of ca
and spoke about the response to the storm. >> my message to itself federal government -- to the federal government, no bureaucracy, no red tape, get resources where they're needed as fast as possible, as hard as possible and for the duration. >> reporter: working to put the recovery effort ahead of the impending election, the president canceled his campaign trip to ohio. he'll see storm damage and thank first responders in new jersey today. republican challenger mitt romney was in ohio tuesday collecting money and relief supplies for storm victims. >> i appreciate your generosity. it's part of the american spirit. the american way to give to people who are in need. and your generosity this morning touches my heart. >> reporter: from the white house, president obama has been calling the governors of storm ravaged states and one of romney's key supporters has been praising the president's leadership. >> his cooperation has been great with fema here on the ground and our intelligence center and the cooperation from the president of the united states has been outstanding. he deserves great
. the federal government and many local governments and school systems will bound b closed tomorrow. for the latest, go to our website, >> with this storm system, it delivered something quite quiet different just a couple of hours west of d.c. we're talking snow and lots of it. counties in maryland, virginia, and west virginia all bracing for feet of the white stuff. >> reporter: the national weather service issued blizzard warnings for much of the appalachian mountains. west virginia's governor declared a state of emergency as the snow began to fall. >> we're getting ready for the winter storm, you know. >> reporter: the snowshoe mountain resort was one of the first to see the snow. 4 inches now could grow to 2 feet by tomorrow. some roads are treacherous already. >> our friend's car doesn't have the great est tires. they've been spinning around on the road one time, so i'm going to get them. >> reporter: you'll do better. you have 4-wheel drive. >> yep. >> reporter: travis ray is with the department of transportation. >> there will be people after immediate night that w
of government, rather than air to be arrests and monarchees. the united states isn't run by the wealthiest or by some sort of birth rite. we participate by our vote and elect leaders to represent us. president lincoln's gettysburg address is a constant reminder. the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. shall not perish from this earth. one person, one vote. that's a precious right. that's liberal. believing that government should be active in supporting social and political change. so there's the constitution. the founders built in the ability to amend it and to pass laws to form a more perfect union. things like, oh, abolishing slavery and segregation, giving women the right to vote and to choose, repealing don't ask don't tell so regardless of who you love you can serve in the military. plus our government has programs to help level the playing field so that everyone can succeed. like the g.i. bill. the lily ledbetter fair pay act. medicare. pell grants. head start. unemployment. is there anyone who hasn't benefited from at least one of these programs? fairness. t
government offices are closed today. public transportation across the state is closed. maryland residents are asked to stay home to try and keep the area roads clear for emergency personnel. that means all early voting activities are suspended. the early voting hours that are missed today will be rescheduled on friday. maryland governor martin o'malley says the decision to shut down the government was made to remain consistent with the district as welling a the federal government -- well as the federal government. >> 9news coverage begins with a look at the conditions in montgomery county. >> andrea mccarren is on river road in bethesda with the latest. and ya? >> reporter: -- andrea? >> reporter: jc and matt, things have not really worsened since the last time we talked but they certainly haven't gotten better. the rain is pelting us now, kind of falling sideways. a couple of notes to tell you about. we're close to little falls parkway still closed between river road and mass avenue. we also have some other road closures to report to you now. parts of beach drive and sligo creek parkway
peterson with fair fax county government. what is the situation there regarding flooding, power outages and concerns in fair fax? >> let me tell you we wanted to make sure residents of the bellevue new alexandria area knew we were reaching out by phone to make them ready for the possibility of flooding in their neighborhood tomorrow afternoon or evening. this message is for people that live east of the road. west of george washington parkway, south of bell haven road and north of wake forest drive. that this is the area that the county is concerned about that engine nears are monitoring the situation there. should this escalate and again, this would be tomorrow. if flooding was imminent and an evacuation was required, these folks would be called and the public safety personnel would be knocking on the door. >> we have been told earlier in the evening that 23 local roads have been closed in fair fax. does that number stand? are some of those reopened or more roads shut down? >> ire don't have a number of roads which are closed at this time. actually, i do now. that is 38 roads and we
, reassuring them the government would be there to help. >> everybody safe? that's the most important thing then we'll get this whole thing set up. >> reporter: apartment his side was new jersey republican governor chris christie, a mitt romney supporter. recognizing christie for his leadership the president sought to show he was moving beyond partisan politics. >> he's been aggressive in making sure that the state got out in front of this incredible storm. >> reporter: back on the campaign trail romney on wednesday toned down his criticism of the president keeping his message positive as he tried to win over florida voters. >> washington has to begin to come together. >> reporter: accompanied by the state's former popular governor jeb bush romney emphasized his own record as massachusetts governor of bipartisanship. >> it was not lost on me to get anything done at all and even the have my veto upheld i had to have people across the aisle i kwork with. >> reporter: the temporary cease-fire didn't dpoend the number twos. >> remember the president talked about romnesia? well, it's contagious.
airline before leaving, and the federal government, most local governments and schools say they will open at the regular time tomorrow. think of old town alexandria or georgetown when we talk about the storm surge and the flooding. in fact we have a crew watching high tide in old town right now. >> they are also playing very close attention to the river up in frederick. that's where our ryan dean is live monitoring the flooding there. ryan? >> reporter: good evening to you. actually a trail that goes down to the river, this trail has been cut off because the river has spilled out of its bank. to give you an idea. those trees down there, the river is supposed to be ten feet passed that. now it has gushed over its bank and it's creeping towards the historic battlefield and mill run by the national park service has water almost touching it. this is the worst it will get, because the river will crest and start receding in about an hour. right now it's at 21 feet, 6 feet above flood stage. i'm told by locals only a few homes are along the river. we received this photo from a homeowner that li
's former vice president of government relations. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> all right, and many of our viewers tell us they've already reported this to the fcc. in fact the fcc rules ban many text messages sent to mobile phones using an autodialer unless you give consent to receive the messages or some sort of emergency. go our website for the link to the fcc. >>> the president spent the day in new jersey surveying sandy's aftermath. he took afears hand -- a firsthand tour of the damage with governor christie. he said the federal government will be helping with clean-up efforts. >>> there was speculation that the storm would delay this week's employment report. the last one before the election. but today, the department of labor says it will be out on time. amtrak is slowly restoring service along the northeast corridor tonight. but is still not operating through new york's penn station since the surrounding tunnels are flooded out. our bruce johnson started riding out the storm in rehoboth beach, delaware and is in north carolina and he filed this report -- new jersey and he
the numbers are likely to grow. investigators in the government agency that spent the money continue their audits and pursuing more than 1,900 open criminal investigations. for more specific examples like funds intended to aid the poor folks in rural areas, instead being paid for homes with swimming pools. check out our findings at for 9 wants to know with the washington guardians. >> thank you, russ. the white house did not respond to requests for a comment, anita? >>> you can rip out that dictionary page that has the word landslide in it because it looks like we're not going to be needing it this time this year. polls show the popular vote for the president to be virtually tied and that is enough for both candidates to run scared and hard. >> reporter: we'll see some running hard over the weekend in virginia, anita, one of the few remaining swing states. but there was not much running this evening in silver spring. more like a slow walk. early voting scheduled to d at 9:00 p.m. and at 8:30, the lines were so long. >> reporter: 24 hours ago the number of the early marylan
but government shouldn't be in the business of making women's healthcare and moral decisions for them. >> i think medical services to women, there should be safety and cleanliness in those, so that's up to the states. >> reporter: since the virginia tech shootings gun laws have not changed despite efforts by victims and families. here's the mother of a wounded student trying to unsuccessfully convince george allen to get rid of the gun show loophole. that allows private sales with no background checks. >> as far as private sales, no, i'm not for it. >> certainly background record checks at gun shows and i'm very open to the notion that these high-capacity magazines in weapons that are just meant to harm people, that, you know, we ought to be looking at those. >> no, i'm not one who wants to take away the rights of law abiding citizens to protect their feamsz or themselves. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now. >> you can see peggy's other stories on these candidates, particularly their stances on spending and economics, at >>> tomorrow is the last day for virginians to vote absentee. toda
up which shows the complete ignorance of how intelligence is gathered and how the government is operated. >> we are going off on this story again. >> they said we have no intelligence indicating it was a terrorist attack. surely some intelligence might have been different earlier than later. but they did have some. they had intelligence on both sides. they misled the country. >> we are going to get into that next week where i a document i want to produce. >>> the obama romney exchange on syria. >> what we have done is organize the international community. saying assad has to go and we are helping the opposition organize it. but ultimately syrians are going to have to determine their own future. >> i don't want to have our military involved in syria and our objectives are to replace assad and have in place a new government which is friendly to us and i want to make sure they get armed and they have arms necessary to defend themselves but also to remove assad. >> question. the candidates agreed assad must go. is seeing assad go the best outcome in syria? mort? >> yeah, without
website but a lot of people have this information from yesterday. governments, school systems were all very proactive in letting us know about closures. we were able to tell you that last night and just reconfirm this morning everything is closed. >> welcome monika samtani. she has a lot to do with the commute this moing. howard, the thing that strikes me, every time we hear someone talk about it is the width of the storm. >> the diameter goes about 900 miles. 450 miles or so from the center. amazing stuff. just looking at a couple of things. remember a year ago it was snowing. i had two and a half inches of snow at my house and a lot more north and west. this is the anniversary of the big snow that got new england especially with a couple of feet. we have blizzard warnings in the mountains of west virginia all the way up to garrett county. around here we've got issues. i am just looking at the high tides for alexandria where jessica doyle is. there's one at 8:45 and 9:00 p.m. tonight. those will be the critical times because we have coastal flood warnings 1 to 3 feet above no
. >> absolutely. that means the federal government is closed today. pretty much every local government is closed in our area. >> emergency personnel are still being asked to report in. >>> every major public transportation agency is closed today, including metro transit and vre. almost every flight in and out of our region has been canceled. and so you are advised to call your airline. mark is shut down today. amtrak has canceled most northeast corridor trains. >> today is the third day of an extended weekend for most school systems in our region. and we have all of this on our website at, also running at the bottom of the screen and we'll keep it updated 24/7. >>> all of the rain and wind associated with this storm are expected to leave several thousand of our neighbors without power. >>> we hav on our phone a representative from pepco. let's go to howard first. >> howard, tell us what's happening. >> well, the storm got stronger overnight, seeing the pressure drop more, one of the lowest pressures ever reported for hatteras. winds will be increasing throughout the day. 40 miles an ho
why he wasn't getting any help from the government? >> went there this morning, 8:00 this morning, there's no fema there. i asked the cops they said they don't know what happened. >> reporter: he's one of many staten island residents who said their neighborhood has been neglected. >> it's the last place to get any kind of response. we're just starting to get response yesterday. there was no response before then. i mean it was basically, every one of us spending helping each other. >> reporter: the death toll from hurricane sandy in staten islad now stands at 22. more than half of all those killed in new york city. friday authorities discovered the latest two victims, an older man and woman who were unable to escape the rising water. as the water recedes frustrations here are boiling over. many streets remain impassable. debris clogs others. many residents have been left with nothing. >> we are the forgotten island. nobody remembers us. nobody ever remembers us. we do not get enough coverage over here. we need help. >> bring me the water. >> reporter: stephen says he w
.m. >> our sandy head lines at this hour, federal government, local government buildings and schools remain closed today. >> metro train and bus service is shut down this morning. we're waiting on a decision about later this afternoon. there are widespread power outages here and up and down the east coast. >> monica will have traffic in just a moment. first howard joins us for another look at the weather. what do you think? >> it's still going to be a rainy windy day. the wind warnings are now down to wind advisories. the snow is flowing big time, especially above 2,000 and 3,000 feet. blizzard warnings there. >> i'll stay in the valley. i'm going to lay low. >> relevant ally. >> under the blizzard warnings for areas above 2,000 feet. skyline drive is going to be probably closed for a day or two. let's get you going with a look at your day planner this morning. it's still a wet day. we have, i think , power crews that will be able to get out later this morning. we have some wind, they're a little gusty now. you notice the general sustained wind speeds coming down to only about 20 miles an
, but it will be a long time before she's forgotten. here's the latest. the federal government most local governments and public schools all say they'll open regular time tomorrow. as o2:00 p.m., metro is ba out there on the roads and the rails on the sunday schedule. normal service gets back in tomorrow morning. and the early voting in maryland and d.c. will also resume tomorrow with some additional hours being scheduled to make up for the time we lost to sandy. >>> most people who live along the delaware coast followed evacuation orders. >> and while the beaches did storm damage the biggest problems there are all the downed trees, the flooded roads and of course the power outages. >> our kristin fisher shows us what it was like when high tide hit this morning in lowes, delaware. >> reporter: this is high tide at the beach. we're about ten miles northwest from rehoboth beach and we tame here because this is the community we've been worried about through hurricane sandy. i'm very happy to tell you that this high tide is as bad as it's going to get for folks here. now you can see the water is rolling
and the electrical system for manhattan. here in dc the frat government and most area governments are shut down for a second day in a row. metro is shut down. they will reevaluate conditions later this afternoon. every other public transportation agency is also closed. looking at the rails am tracks remains suspended. most flights have been canceled or delayed and most school systems are closed again today. for a complete list of closures associated with this storm log onto our website at i'm andera rose. we begin with howard and today's forecast. >>> thanks. looking a lot better today. still cold rainfalling this morning. -- rain falling this morning. i want to show you the storm, what's left of sandy trying to mix in a little wet snow in a few of the higher elevations here. it's in the mountains of west virginia they're getting pounded. heavy rain bands out of fairfax montgomery arlington county. wrong there's snow up to our north like it's showing. there could be a wet flake mixed in. a forecast today which has a temperature down to 43 in washington a moderate to heavy rain at tim
, state, and federal government sig norring them. >> no one is really here to help us. we need help. >> reporter: this distribution site in staten island relies on donations, and people bringing in everything from clothes, blanket, and much needed food. many neighborhoods are without power. police have arrested several looters. many are angry the mayor is going ahead with the new york city marathon which begins on staten island. >> we have to find some ways to express ourselves and show our solidarity. >> reporter: in manhattan gas lines stretched for blocks for cars and containers. >> if you've got to get gas, you've got to wait. >> reporter: passenger restrictions for cars are being lifted. the hole hand tunnel between new york and new jersey has reopened for commercial vehicles and buses. one of the biggest issues now facing the folks here in staten island is temperatures. tonight they are slated to dip into the 30s, and a lot of people that we're talking to right now are concerned they don't have any power and they're not sure how they're supposed to stay warm. reporting in stat
. >> the federal government is closed tomorrow. mark is shut down and amtrakcancelled most eastern trains. we have it on our website, throughout this expanded broadcast tonight you can see all the closings at the bottom of your tv screen. tonight we have team coverage of hurricane sandy. our news crews are around the region and at the beaches. first, right to topper shutt for the latest on sandy's path. >> not much changed. strengthened a little bit, which is a little disconcerting over the past three hours. let's start with a track. it's essentially the same. moving northeast at about 14. she's about 290 miles east of hatteras and 470 miles south of new york city. she will turn eventually to the north and then northwest. this is what makes the storm unprecedented that most nor easters continued along the east coast. itthis one is making a left turn. we're looking at hurricane- force winds in delaware as we get into monday. after it rolls through it gets into south central pa. this is now tuesday night, 8:00. we still have 50 miles per hour winds. it's kind of ironic and a little bit di
at what the conditions of schools. i'm absolutely certain the district government will be open tomorrow. i'm assuming the federal government will reopen tomorrow. we will do everything we can to function as normal. >> thank you. >> reporter: we are back here live in the bloomingdale section behind me is the mayor's vehicle. it is expected to roll out of here soon because he's planning a press conference sometime around 12:30 to 1:30. to give a sense of his findings from this assessment. right now he's meeting with neighbors in the section which has experienced flooding as a recurrent problem because of drain problem. i'm going to send it back to you in the studio. >> jest a thank you very much. >> you know scott broom has been in his car. he's been traveling all over. earlier today he was down in ocean city. let's find out where he is now. scott, where are you? >> reporter: well, i'm at the inlet at ocean city. talking to you on my live view camera out the dash board cam of our mobile newsroom. our communication has been choppy today. i will show you around the inlet parking lot down here
two cia officers. >>> the japanese government has filed a formal complaint with u.s. officials after an incident involving misbehavior by u.s. troops allegedly on the island of okinawa. authorities on okinawa say a 24- year-old airman is suspected of entering an apartment and punching a young boy before falling out of the third floor window. he was allegedly drunk at the time and this incident comes a few weeks after two navy sailors were arrested and charged with raping local woman. >>> a 70-year-old california woman got really lucky twice. here's whyment she woke up $23 million richer after coming forward to claim her fortune months after the winning ticket was purchased. now the woman's daughter bought the ticket in may and gave it to her and she simply forgot about it. the second time she was lucky is because she didn't throw it out by accident. after a newspaper article the mom and daughter found the ticket and claimed the prize, the deadline was november 26th coming up. >> we need that luck mike. we need to bring that on. >>> the time right now is 4:38. somewhat wet morning is
. they are asking the federal government to get some portable generators out here. >> thank you for giving us a pulse on how they are faring up north. >> and while new york city is reeling, there are signs of recovery. they have limited subway service tomorrow. city buses and two of the three airports are up and running and for the first time this week the new york stock exchange opened today. the engineers are still trying to figure out to how take down the dangling crane in manhattan. >> this river crested at six feet above flood stage. wind was the biggest problem in brunswick. most of the city still in the dark and residents there trying to deal with a downed trees that are all over the place. >> and didn't dominion virginia power trying to get the last of the customers back online and as of now there are 5800 customers still without power in northern virginia. >> i'm surae chinn where dominion power is still trying to get thousands of people back online. it is a welcome sight to residents after sandy's destruction. >> we have here what was a real quagmire. >> the more damage, the longer
.c. this afternoon and talking about the response tots big storm. >> my message to the federal government, no bureaucracy, no red tape, get resources where they're needed as fast as possible, as hard as possible, and for the duration. >> working to put the recovery effort ahead of the impending election, the president cancelled tomorrow's campaign stop in ohio. instead he'll take a look at that storm damage and thank the first responders in new jersey. meantime republican challenger mitt romney was in ohio today collecting money and relief supplies for those storm victims. >> i appreciate your generosity. it's part of the american spirit, the american way to give to people who are in need. and your generosity this morning touches my heart. >> former president bill clinton is expected to campaign in six battleground states for president obama, leading up to election day. governor romney expects to make a swing through florida tomorrow. just a reminder, the early voting resumes tomorrow in washington, d.c. and in maryland, and the hours have been extended from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. to try
. long lines of people waiting to get gasoline. they said the federal government needs to get portable generators out here because we need to get the gas station open when we need to go back to school and work. there is a curfew der way. we haven't seen any police officers. they have got more important things to do, i suppose. that's why you see nobody out there. there's a curfew up and down the jersey shore. back to you, derek. >> now, bruce, when you said months, i thought you must have misspoke but i see the video and i realize it's going to take months to recover. bruce johnson in new jersey, thanks for that. >>> it's not just new jersey. new york city is trying to pull itself back together. and it could be next week before things even start to feel normal again. >> reporter: gridlock on the streets of manhattan and michael bloomberg requiring a three passenger limit for vehicles in the city. portions of the subway system also submerged along with a runway at laguardia airport. >> many people's lives were turned upside down and everyone is working 24 hours a day to get this city ba
government will be closed again tomorrow, as will most school systems in our area including d.c., alexandria and fairfax. prince george's, charles, frederick and montgomery county schools. you can see the full list at >> also all flights at local airports are canceled until further notice and vre, marc rail and amtrak have canceled service for tomorrow. metro will not have service in the rning. >> in maryland the speed limit on all interstates is being lowered to 45 miles an hour as a precaution. maryland state police urge everyone to just stay off the roads if at all possible. >> now we're also hearing about evacuation orders for parts of the huntington area of fairfax county. this impacts people living along fenwick drive and arlington terrace. you may remember the huntington neighborhood has been prone to flooding before. we've got a crew heading that way. we'll bring you a live report as soon as possible. >>> let's get the latest where the storm is right now from topper. >> she's essentially sitting in southern new jersey now right between ocean city, new jersey, and also
. >>> the federal government is paying for emergey transportation. and how a restoration effort in the aftermath of super storm sandy and those efforts, they are focused in parts of new york and new jersey, after the storm interrupted access to most mass transit. today, new york subway system, they did offer the limited service, but the drivers, using bridges in and out of manhattan, they needed to go through check points to prove that they have at least three people in the car. >>> some cabs, they did stop flooding in new york today because of the concerns about fuel. gas shortages are causing long lines at the stations in new york, new jersey, and connecticut. aaa says that those problems, they stem from the shortages and a lack of electricity to power the pumps. >>> in the last two hours, amtrak announced that they are starting to restore limited service between new york and philadelphia. today, the rail service, they did say that they had cleared the water from one of its tunnels under the hudson river. clearing the water and debris from the new jersey coastline could be a whole different ma
government is ignoring them. >> no one has really been here to help us. we need help. >> reporter: this distribution site in staten island relies on donations and people bringing in everything from clothes to blankets to much needed food. in manhattan, gas lines stretch for blocks for cars and containers. >> you've got get gas, you've got to wait, right? >> reporter: but there is some good news for drivers. the holland tunnel has reopened for commercial vehicles and buses. cbs news, staten island, new york. >>> now a bit more on that canceled marathon. the folks who were helping with the race have shifted their focus. now they're helping out of town runners who no longer need their hotel rooms to donate those rooms to families who have been displaced by the storm. we want to know what you think. was new york city right by canceling that marathon? a lot of folks had already gone up there if they were going to do that shouldn't it have been done days ago? drop us a line, we may get to your comments on the air monday evening. >>> okay, how does $50 for five gallons
gerrymandering is a problem is it undermines our democratic system of government by reducing political competition, by pushing candidates to the extremes in their parties, by splitting up communities and by reducing the ability of people to make a difference with their elected officials, and we see gridlock at the national level partly as a result of gerrymandering across the country which has made so many congressional districts noncompetitive in general elections, the candidates have pushed it to extremes in their primaries. the best example of this gerrymandering is a map. >> you brought it map in. >> i did. this is congressional district 3 in maryland and this district ha to be seen because it is so hard to describe. it runs from towson to annapolis in the east to silver spring in the west but excludes most of the area in between. >> so why does the governor want this? >> it's all about politics. it's all about trying to advantage one party over the other, but also to help certain democrats over other democrats, and that's why gerrymandering needs to be stopped. voters can stop it
want to make sure that people have realistic expectations but i can promise you the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials and we won't quit until this is done. >> reporter: i think this image is probably the one that sticks with me the most. just home after home buried in sand. entire neighborhoods completely wiped out. and for the people who live there, it's slowly sinking in that everything in these coastal communities that they've grown to love, it's all going to have to be rebuilt but safety first. and in most of these coastal communities every city you go to, city after city, all you can hear is the hissing of natural gas. residents there very concerned about the chance for even more fires and we've already seen how bad that can be in new york city. we'll have more on that destruction there especially in the breezy point neighborhood coming up at 6:30. >> we were talking -- you can't even get trailers for people to stay in as temporary housing because there's no infrastructure and you've got to clear away all of that debris. >
and consumer confidence as well as jobs. the gains are a prelude to the government's monthly jobs report which will be released before the opening bell this morning. >>> according to adp. yesterday private employers added 158,000 jobs in october. that beat economists' forecasts by 15,000 positions. the labor department says first time unemployment claims fell by 9,000 last week to 363,000. but more than three million americans continued filing for unemployment benefits last week. again, the government releases its official monthly jobs report this morning, last major jobs report before the polls. >>> starbucks says its sales grew and that dividends are going up too. the company says existing stores saw a 6% increase in sales and it increased the dividends to 21 cents a share from 17 cents. this is good news. the company is attributing the results to the sluggish global economy. next year they plan to open 600 new stores. this in the asia pacific region and just last month the company opened its first location in india. >>> and during the recession, that's about how many stores they closed abou
government, d.c. government, d.c. public schools closed today and will be closed tomorrow. a lot of other school systems that hadn't announced they were cancelling classes tomorrow are doing so now. also metro will not resume service in the morning. they'll reassess and maybe later in the day, but then again maybe not. the flights out of reagan national and dulles have been canceled. the airports are open, but nothing is flying. you go out there, you'll just sit as well as regional amtrak service has been canceled until the storm goes by. >> . >> please don't go out there and sit. >> doesn't sound fun to me. >> let's get a look at sandy's latest track. >> she is essentially making landfall as we speak probably just north of cape may and south of ocean city, new jersey. winds continue to increase. we have winds 90 miles per hour and we're looking at an incredible landfall and unlike most tropical systems, this won't weaken when it makes landfall. it's going to strengthen a little bit. it probably has already become a cold core storms which feed off temperature differences in the atmosphere
: to reach them, she went to a seminar and heard about the u.s. export-import bank, the government's credit agency for foreign trade. >> fulton: and i sat right behind fred, who's the president of the export-import bank. and so when he got done speaking, i went running outside to the car, because i saw a group of gentlemen standing there. and i said, "who's driving fred?" guy said, "me, chris." i said, "you're my new best friend. get him to eat these pickles before he gets on the plane because i want to export this year." >> pelley: you got some pickles to the driver of the head of the export-import bank? >> fulton: yes, sir. and we exported that year. >> pelley: pretty good trick. >> fulton: you got to think out of the jar, you know? if you're selling pickles, you better be creative. what's made us successful is what's made every american company successful, and that's hard work and not taking "no" for an answer. if somebody tells me "no," scott, i say, "okay, that means timing's not right, but you'll want my pickles." >> pelley: "no" means "go"? >> fulton: it does, at the right time. but,
county. also the federal government will be closed tomorrow as will most school systems in our area including d.c., alexandria and fairfax, prince george's, charles, frederick and montgomery county schools there. we see bruce johnson getting ready to talk to us from rehoboth. you can see the whole list of school closings at >> as you might imagine, all the flights at the local airports have been canceled until further notice, as has the vre, mark rail, amtrak train -- marc rail, amtrak trains and that's for tomorrow. we also know metro will not have service in the morning. they will reassess and decide later on when the subway and buses will start to run again, but as of now you should be at home. >> that's right. they're not going to make that decision to get them running again until they see what the weather brings. they are at the mercy of mother nature as they said. >> we all are, quite frankly, looking at some of the strongest winds beginning to move into the metro area. let's start with the wind gusts. so far we've had wind gusts 55 at national, down last hour t
the government will do whatever it can to help storm victims. >> we will follow-up to make sure that you get all the help that you need until you've rebuilt. >> reporter: not far away, the search for trapped or missing people on staten island continues. nypd rescued six people from rooftops on wednesday. there are signs that life is returning to normal in new york city. all three airports are open as of today. as is the new york stock exchange and broadway shows. but problems still persist. traffic in the city is nothing short of a nightmare, without public transportation wednesday, manhattan streets were clogged with people trying to get back to work. there are some good news -- there's some good news, subway and train service is starting up again today at least on a limited basis. >> i am declaring a transportation emergency. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg is mandating that all cars driving into manhattan have to at least have three people. >> i know it is inconvenience for a lot of people. but the bottom line is the streets can only handle so much. >> reporter: officials estimate half of all ga
the military and all government agencies. they built it after 9/11 for days like this. kelly told us the hurricane has brought the worst destruction to the city since the terrorist attack. his concerns now are public safety with nearly a million people in a blackout and continuing to search for survivors. how many people in new york city are without power? >> about three quarters of a million people. 750,000 people without power. >> pelley: what is the law enforcement and public safety concern with that? >> well, we're still a rescue mode. certainly staten island we know people are still stranded, trapped in some locations so we're engaged in that along with the fire department then we have a public safety security mission that we have to carry through. a lot of dark areas in the city. we know that we have to have a significant police presence in those locations. >> pelley: you had to a fly-around in the city in your helicopter today. what did you see? >> lots of devastation, lots of damage. it means a tremendous amount of recovery work. as i say, we're still very much a rescue mode.
in this morning for mike hydeck. let's run down today's major closings. first of all the federal government is open but the employees have the option of unscheduled leave or telework. >> schools in manassas park are closed today. schools in loudoun county are opening one-hour late. other counties are on a two- hour late. garrett county schools are closed and we know they have problems there. schools in anne arundel and frederick county or a two-hour delay n. west virginia it's berkley, hampshire, jefferson and mineral counties all on a two-hour delay. >> we have more closings updating continuously on our website monika of course is here with af
if the electricity goes out. number two, the satellite locations are at government facilities, most of which have generator power. >> this is a real worry for election officials because when battery power is exhausted, the results could disappear. the votes lost forever. the storm is already having an impact on campaign, candidates dropping rallies because of it. >> thanks, gary. >>> and 9news has you covered. stick with us for the hurricane sandy coverage. we've made it easy for you to track the phone on your smart phone. text the word sandy to the number 25543. and with that you will receive simple instructions on how to download our wusa weather app. >>> a couple out enjoying a pass in charles county maryland has apparently been gunned down. they were both rushed to the hospital and we just learned the woman has died. the shooter still on the loose. we know very little about this. it happened around 7:00 on hampshire circle in waldorf. >>> still ahead, andrea mccarren continues her travels through the battle ground state of virginia. we'll hear what some moms have to say about this upcoming el
to suspend train and bus service for a second morning. the federal government remains closed again today along with wall street. >>> good morning. you're watching 9 news now. at 6:00. >> mike is a little sick. he just lost his voice yesterday. he should be back shortly. >> he's here in spirit. >> and body. >> yeah . >> monica, we'll have time saver traffic. we keep saying we're not out of the woods yet. howard, what does that mean in terms of weather? >> heavy rain this morning. winds still a couple spots gusting to 40. compared to yesterday this is much, must have better. maybe 30, 35 mile an hour winds. the other problem today, the cold. it's chilly out. >> you need your gloves this morning. >> i just hope their water proof. you need to stay dry. we still have rain falling this morning. expect the rain this morning. the southwest winds at 26, gusting 30, maybe 35 or so. it's still going to be a rough dayment -- day. for folks without power they need the fireplace to stay warm. those winds were amazing yesterday. here's a sample of the highest wind gusts. 79 at the thomas lighthouse
seen jobs come back, and this was last month, is government work. one area where we've actually seen things drop off a bit is manufacturing, which has been one of the strongest sectors in our economy. >> thank you. norah? >>> for four days during superstorm sandy, president obama and mitt romney took it easy on each other, but on thursday they were back on the attack. >> this is no time for small measures. this is time for real change. when i'm elected president on day one we'll bring real change to america. >> he's saying he's the candidate of change. well, let me tell you, wisconsin, we know what change looks like. and what the governor's offering sure ain't change. >> former white house press secretary robert gibbs is a senior adviser to the obama campaign and join us this morning. good morning, robert. >> good morning, norah, how are you? >> good, good. we have a jobs report coming up today. the unemployment number could tick up. doesn't that reinforce mitt romney's position that obama's record on the economy has been a failure? >> no, look, i think what we expect to see is conti
websites. he's urging follow towers join the rebel lone against the syrian government and to help impose sharia law in egypt. he said his message was delayed due to the fierce war under way in afghanistan and pakistan. >>> harry reid is back in his nevada home after he was treated and released from a las vegas hospital. he suffered minor injuries in a car accident in las vegas on friday. four of the vehicles in the accident were part of reid's motorcade. >> it's about 21 minutes after the hour. we want to go to lonnie quinn for our nation's check of the weather. >> we're looking at the entire country right now. the big story is sandy and that's one of the four elements on this map. again, that's the big story. we've also got this story, that's number one. this is number two. number two is a cold front that's just letting down the northeastern portion of the united states because right now in the ohio valley it's not going much further. if it was doing what we thought it would do initially keep moving east push that storm out to sea that won't happen. clear air in t
promise you is that the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials, and we will not quit until this is done. >> reporter: here's are the aimenings just every -- images just never ever -- you can't get used to them. homes buried in sand and entire neighborhoods gone. it's slowly sinking in that everything in the coastal communities will slowly have to be rebuilt but safety first. the hissing of natural gas can be heard in city after city in new jersey. residents very concerned about the chance for more fires. in new york city, and i'll have more on is that coming up at 5:30. >> close to 100 homes just leveled by fire. >> leveled. leveled it's crazy. >> and surrounded by water that's the thing that's amazing. homes are surrounded by water but the fire is just -- >> something. >> turnings them to ashes. >> you look how difficult is a for the first responders to get in fight fire with all the flooding. >> thanks kristin. >>> we do have a few school closings to tell you about this morning. >> in anne arundel county the following schools don't ha
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